5 Top Tech Startups for the Cash-strapped Startup

May, 17th 2016Simon Tomes

Those horror stories you read about are just around the corner — the entrepreneur who lost everything. How are you supposed to grow when you don't have any money? Your stomach churns with anxiety.

Money is the root of startup angst, and it doesn't have to be.

Learn how these top tech startups help solve your financial woes.

1. Slack

Viewing a channel in Slack

Dream of joining the top tech startups list? Slack is essential. A powerful communication tool that keeps you in touch like never before. It is the solution for running a company that excels in transparency and collaboration.

“Look in Slack” becomes the go-to answer. What was that article you shared last week? What did we say was next on the roadmap? Who recently signed up to our mailing list? Easy to setup channels and integrations are key to a Slack-oriented startup.

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2. Mailchimp

Creating an email template in Mailchimp

It used to be a complete headache to manage a successful mailing list. Not anymore, with Mailchimp. Whether you’re writing your first email campaign or your 653rd, it is now easy, intuitive and surprisingly fun.

Mailchimp specialises in deliverability, so you can send your emails with complete confidence. Track subscribers, analyse engagement and create rich newsletters, all for the price you paid to read this article.

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3. Meteor

Creating and running an app in Meteor

How do you build a product with no money and minimal effort? How do you rapidly prototype to discover the right product? You’d be hard pressed to do better than Meteor. It will get you off the ground with advanced features and minimum effort.

Build cutting-edge, real-time apps in no time at all. Meteor has an active eco-system and future top tech startups are being launched with it at an incredible rate.

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4. Typeform

Designing a survey in Typeform

Learn from your target customer early and often. For that Typeform is our go-to tool, a world ahead of competitors.

Create accessible surveys, mobile-ready and with low barrier-to-completion. Get extensive reports, analytics and even integrate with your favourite tools.

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5. Prismic

Viewing recent activity in Prismic

Need to manage your content, want more flexibility than WordPress but don’t have a team to build your own? Look no further than Prismic. In fact, I encourage you to go and try creating your own site right now.

High performance, powerful API with complete management UI to build low-maintenance sites at breakneck pace. What are you waiting for?

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What about you, what top tech startups save you cash? Let us know below.